About Dr. Grandy

We are closed for the time being.  Dr Grandy is recovering from a stroke.


About Dr. Grandy
Dr. Ted N. Grandy, a native of S.C. graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1975, the worlds oldest and largest chiropractic university.  After graduation he interned in Iowa City, Iowa where he had extensive training in spine and nerve rehabilitation.
Dr. Grandy is the author of a book on headaches.  He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs talking about natural health care, the last one was on talk radio in New York City.
He is the chiropractic physician and nutritional consultant to many world class, professional and Olympic athletes from all over the world. He was a treating chiropractor at the Olympic trials in New Orleans and in the Atlanta Olympics his athletes had a total of 13 gold medals. He has been the treating chiropractor at track meets in Switzerland, France, Sweden and England. He has been treating   Clemson athletes since 1979 and is the official training room chiropractor for the Clemson tigers.
Post Graduate Education Studies From Noted Authorities Include:
•    Applied Kinesiology with Dr. George Goodheart
•    Acupuncture and acupressure with Dr. Richard Yennie
•    Nutritional therapy with Dr. John Brimhall
•    Neuromuscular rehabilitation with Dr. Leon Chaitow
•    Neuro-emotional release with Dr. Scott Walker
•    Total Body Modification with Dr. Victor Frank
•    JMT  allergy elimination with Dr. Carolyn Jaffe
•    Activator chiropractic technique with Dr. Arlan Fuhr
•    Motion palpation diagnostic technique with Dr. John Faye
•    Sacro-Occipital technique with Dr. Major DeJarnett
•    Soft tissue and trigger point therapy with Dr. Warren Hammer
•    Bio-set allergy elimination with Dr. Ellen Cutler
•    Diplomate in acupuncture by the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture
•     Acupuncture and oriental medicine with Dr. John Amaro
•    Balance method of acupuncture with Dr. Richard Tan
Others areas of post graduate studies include:
•    Clinical Nutrition
•    Homeopathy
•    Traditional Chinese Medicine
•    Herbology
•    Electro-acupuncture
•    Laser acupuncture
•    Shiatsu
•    Sport injuries
•    Clinical Kinesilogy
•    Orthotic fitting
•    Visceral manipulation
•    Cranial adjusting
•    Trigger point therapy

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